[R] Same code - error in one PC but not in other

Juan Antonio Balbuena j.a.balbuena at uv.es
Thu Nov 7 17:31:47 CET 2013

   I am running exactly the same code on two different computers. In PC1 of the
   the code is working fine, whereas in PC2 I get this error
   Error in HP.LUT[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions
   HP.LUT is an object within a function computed as HP.LUT <- which(HP ==1,
   arr.in=TRUE), where HP is a binary matrix.
   HP.LUT is not returned for further use. I have made sure that no object with
   the name HP.LUT is present in either PC1 and 2, and I have used both RStudio
   and R 3.01.
   So I am puzzled and wonder what the reason for this might be.
   Any hint will be much appreciated.
   Thank you very much for your attention
   Juan A. Balbuena


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