[R] Nonnormal Residuals and GAMs

Collin Lynch collinl at cs.pitt.edu
Thu Nov 7 02:44:26 CET 2013

> The default functional link for mgcv::gam is "log", so I doubt that
 your theoretical understanding applies to GAM's in general. When Simon
 Wood wrote his book on GAMs his first chapter was on linear models, his
 second chapter was on generalized lienar models at which point he had
 written over 100 pages, and only then did he "introduce" GAMs. I think
 you need to follow the same progression, and this forum is not the
 correct one for statistics education. Perhaps pose your follow-up
 questions to CrossValidated.com

David, thank you for your advice, has the default changed for mgcv::gam?
Based upon the help pages for the version I have (1.7-27) I had thought
that the default family was gaussian() with link "identity".

In any event I will look again at Simon Woods' book and consider
CrossValidated in the future.


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