[R] Error message in SPACECAP package

Miroslav Kutal miroslav.kutal at hnutiduha.cz
Mon Nov 4 12:10:41 CET 2013

Dear all

I've tried a spatial capture-recapture in SPACECAP package but got stuck 
after uploading the input data files:

"Error in animal capture details file - non-integer or missing values"
Error in if (locso[loc, so + 3] == 0) { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I prepared the input capture file according to the manual and the file 
should consist from three columns: LOC_ID, ANIMAL_ID, SO (sampling 
occasion) so actually no TRUE/FALSE type of data..

I am attaching also the input capture file. Because I am not familiar 
with all R functions I would appreciate any suggestion for solving this 

Thank you,

Miroslav Kutal

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