[R] Save P values calculated with anova

Anders Tisell anders.tisell at liu.se
Mon Nov 4 15:10:47 CET 2013


I have created a mixed linear model with one fixed factor and two
random factors then I would like to test if there is a significant
difference between the two groups.

To do this I calculate the model with the lmer function:

> MyModel <- lmer(...)

and do a anova of the model to estimate if the F value is significant.

> MyAnova <- anova(MyModel)

And I get a summary table of the anova with F values, Pr(>F) when i
try to extract this values using the $ function:

> MyAnova$Pr(>F)

I get the error message:

Error: unexpected symbol '>' in "MyAnova$Pr(>

I also get this message if I try to extract F value, Mean Sq etc But
not for DF, Denom etc, so I guess it is the white space and >
characters that is the problem. What should I do to get the P values
so I can write them in to a file?

I am using R 3.0.2 GUI 1.62 Snow Lepard build (6558) on a Mac Mini OS X 10.9

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