[R] [R-pkgs] rmongodb 1.1.3 back to CRAN

Markus Schmidberger MSchmidberger at freenet.de
Mon Nov 4 09:22:26 CET 2013

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that the rmongodb package connecting R with the NoSQL database mongodb is back to CRAN: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/rmongodb/index.html
This release is a bug fix release to get the package back to CRAN.

I have overtaken the package maintenance from Gerald Lindsly and looking forward to extend the great work in this package. Planed new features are:
* add high-level functionality to improve usability
* enable JSON queries
* switch to roxygen (already done and on github)
* implement RUnit tests to make the package more stable (work in progress)
* update to the newest C driver (including libBSON and libmongoc)
* improve documentation, write vignettes
(please check github for more details https://github.com/mongosoup/rmongodb/issues)

If you have any ideas or bugs please feel free to contact me.
Furthermore, please feel free to join me in developing the package: https://github.com/mongosoup/rmongodb

Best regards
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