[R] Combinations of values in two columns

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Hi Thomas,    
It depends whether you'd like to include all levels of each column in every column. For including all values you could try something like this:    
isAllDifferent <- function(z) !any(duplicated(z))   
myData <- data.frame(Friend1=c("a", "a", "b", "c"), Friend2=c("b", "c", "a", "d"), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)   
friends <- unique(unlist(myData, use.names=FALSE))   
allCombs <- do.call(expand.grid, rep(list(friends), ncol(myData)))    
colnames(allCombs) <- colnames(myData)   
allCombs <- allCombs[apply(allCombs, 1, isAllDifferent),]    
output <- cbind(allCombs, included=1*do.call(paste, allCombs)%in%do.call(paste, myData))     
output[order(output$included, decreasing=TRUE),]      
   Friend1 Friend2 included   
2        b       a        1   
5        a       b        1   
9        a       c        1   
15       c       d        1   
3        c       a        0   
4        d       a        0   
7        c       b        0   
8        d       b        0   
10       b       c        0   
12       d       c        0   
13       a       d        0   
14       b       d        0   
If you only want each column to contain its corresponding values, you could try something like this:   
myData <- data.frame(Friend1=c("a", "a", "b", "c"),   
    Friend2=c("b", "c", "a", "d"), new = 1)  
newData <- expand.grid(Friend1 = unique(myData$Friend1),   
    Friend2 = unique(myData$Friend2))  
output <- merge(myData, newData, all = TRUE)  
output$new[is.na(output$new)] <- 0    
   Friend1 Friend2 new   
1        a       a   0   
2        a       b   1   
3        a       c   1  
4        a       d   0   
5        b       a   1  
6        b       b   0   
7        b       c   0   
8        b       d   0  
9        c       a   0  
10       c       b   0   
11       c       c   0    
12       c       d   1    
I hope this helps.   
Best wishes   

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I have data that looks like this:

Friend1, Friend2
A, B
A, C
B, A
C, D

And I'd like to generate some more rows and another column. In the new column I'd like to add a 1 beside all the existing rows. That bit's easy enough.

Then I'd like to add rows for all the possible directed combinations of rows not included in the existing data. So for the above I think that would be:

A, D
D, A
B, C
C, B
B, D
C, A
D, B
D, C

and then put a 0 in the column beside these.

Can anyone suggest how to do this?

I'm using R version 2.15.3.

Thank you,

Thomas Chesney
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