[R] Substituting the values on the y-axis

diddle1990 at fastwebnet.it diddle1990 at fastwebnet.it
Mon Jun 10 16:26:54 CEST 2013


I plotted a graph on R showing how salinity (in ‰, y-axis) changes with time(in 
years, x-axis). However, right from the beginning on the Excel spreadsheet the v
alues for salinity appeared as, for example, 35000‰ instead of 35‰, which I gues
sed must have been a typing error for the website from which I extracted the dat
a (NOAA).Thus, I now would like to substitute these values with the correspondin
g smaller value, as it follows: 

25000 35000-> 25, 35   and so on.

Is there any way I can change this on R or do I have to modify these numbers bef
ore inputting the data on R (for example on Excel)? If so, can anybody tell me h
ow to do either of these? 

Many thanks! 


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