[R] Wikipedia plots and tables?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at structuremonitoring.com
Sat Feb 23 22:59:00 CET 2013

Hello, All:

       What facilities exist for plots and tables of data in the 
standard MediaWiki software beyond the obvious standards?

       The standard MediaWiki tables and graphics capabilities seem to 
me to be rather clumsy, and I wonder if I'm missing some available 

       The standard MediaWiki tables are described in a Wikipedia 
article on "Help:Table".  Wikimedia Foundation projects ask users to 
upload photos and graphics Wikimedia Commons -- preferably in scalable 
vector graphics (*.svg) format.

       For additions I'm making to Wikimedia projects, I'm adding two 
things to the Ecdat package, now on R-Forge:

             (1) Economics data sets with documentation describing how 
to produce a *.svg file, which I then upload to Wikimedia Commons and 
use in Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and Wikinews. 
  The description of the contribution refers to Ecdat for details.

             (2) Functions to facilitate creating and updating data 
objects being added.

       Are there better ways of producing quality graphics and maybe 
interfacing R with MediaWiki projects?

       Spencer Graves

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