[R] Migrating R packages from svn/R-Forge to git/Github

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Sun Feb 10 19:02:20 CET 2013

[I'm not sure if this post should go to R-devel, but thought I'd start 
here for wider readership.]

I have a  collection of R packages that I maintain using the 
eclipse/StatET IDE
(mainly on Windows) with SVN on the R-Forge system,

I'd like to consider moving these to git projects on GitHub, but I'm not
sure how best to get started.  I'm not sure if can can clone/copy
a project from the R-Forge svn directly to github, or if I have to first
create a local git repo from the R-Forge svn and then push to github
from there.

However, there are linux tools for this (git-svn and svn2git), but I 
haven't found equivalents
for Windows.  I suppose I could do this initial part on my linux server 
where I now use git and
github for other projects.

I'm also contemplating moving from eclipse/StatET to RStudio for 
development, but that would be
down the road a bit.

Has anyone made this transition or have suggestions for how to ease it?  
What are the
gotchas to watch out for?


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