[R] Trouble with reading xml in R

Dorte Klerke dklerke at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 30 18:12:17 CEST 2013

 Hi I have been trying for days now to read the contents of this xml file into
R. I tried the simpler solution xmlToDataFrame, which worked on another
file, but somehow it doesn't work for this file. 
I have tried different other solutions, but I just can't seem to get it
quite right. 
doc <- xmlRoot(xmlTreeParse(url)) 
art <- doc[[1]] [["DeliveryDay"]] 
fields <- xmlApply(art[[2]]), names) 
Gives output: 
> "TimeStepID.text" "Purchase.Price" "Purchase.Volume" "Sell.Price"
> "Sell.Volume" 
So I want the result to be a 2 data.frames which looks like this (of course
for the sell data.fram it would say sell) 
TimeStepID   Purchase.Price    Purchase.Volume 
1                              3000                          13000 
1                              2900                          13400 
24                           2000                           12333 
How is this possible? 
Also an extra question. My filename is called something like (a new file
every day) 
The first part after the "AU" is the current date, this I can generate
automacticly but I can't generate the last since its the date, time, minute
and second of the time the data was uploaded from another party to their ftp
- where I'm getting the data. 
Is there anyway to get R to find the right file, when I can only generate
part of the file? 

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