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Hi Bruce,

From your excel sheets, it looks like for the step1, you were just taking only the "Survey Time" of the first rows of unique Start_Day for each Location_name. 

Step2 results looks the same as "res2"
If this is the case:

dat1<- read.csv("Sample_all_3_locations.csv",header=TRUE,stringsAsFactors=FALSE,sep=",")

res1<-ddply(aggregate(Survey_Time~Location_name+Start_Day,data=dat1,function(x) head(x,1)),.(Location_name),summarize,Survey_Time=sum(Survey_Time))
#      Location_name Survey_Time
#1 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4
#2 2_f4p1_La_Campana        69.5
#3   79_f2p1_Acetuna        36.4

res2<-ddply(dat1,.(Location_name,SPEC_CODE),summarize, AI=sum(AI))

Final<- mutate(join(res1,res2),RA=10*(AI/Survey_Time))
#      Location_name Survey_Time SPEC_CODE  AI         RA
#1 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4      Buzz  20  4.3103448
#2 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4    Cencen  20  4.3103448
#3 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4    Eptfur 215 46.3362069
#4 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4      Frag   3  0.6465517
#5 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4    Molspp  22  4.7413793
#6 1_f3p1_La_Campana        46.4    Myoele   1  0.2155172
#[1] 44  5

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Attached are two Excel sheets that I manually did  what I am hoping I can automate in R for the larger data sets.

These use the same 3 locations and data I sent earlier.

Step 1 sums the total survey time for each location then step 2 sums the AI values for he SPEC_CODE by location.

Then the calculation of Summed AI value/Summed Survey time can be completed for each location and SPEC_Code.
Hopefully this clarifies it more.


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