[R] lmer effects-type plot?

Nicole Ford nicole.ford at me.com
Mon Apr 1 01:26:39 CEST 2013

hello, all.

while i have a mcmc running, i am looking at the frequestist method of my model.  i have never done HLM so i am looking for ways to plot them that might yeild something useful like dr. fox's effects plot package.
this is my model, where dem is democracy ranked continuous 1:10, trsut is a 3 level categorical variable, cpi is 1:10, etc...

> hier.jags2.mod <- lmer(dem ~ trust*cpi + age + gender + educ + income + (1 + trust | country), data=wvsAB)

i have tried the following:

> tmp <- as.data.frame(confint(glht(.hier.jags2.mod))$confint)
> tmp$Comparison <- rownames(tmp)
> q<-(ggplot(tmp, aes(x = Comparison, y = Estimate, ymin = lwr, ymax = upr,  srt = 45)) + geom_errorbar() + geom_point())
> q + theme(axis.text.x=theme_text(angle=-45))

as well as some function using xyplot to little avail, as well as a few others i happened upon online...

any suggestions of packages/ sample code would be helpful.

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