[R] Help on VGAM package(missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed )

chamilka chamilka.john at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 22:17:57 CEST 2012

I am using  VGAM R package for my research works. 
In my study, I am trying to simulate 1000 datasets from Beta binomial
distribution for a given set of (n,prob,size,rho)
and then I need to estimate the parameters prob and rho of the simulated
1000 datasets and need to store the fitted coefficients in 1000 by 2 data
frame. For that purpose, by referring to VGAM user manual, I tried the
following R coded..
bdata = data.frame(N = 5, mu = 0.2, rho = 0.9) #define the number of trials,
bdata = cbind(bdata,replicate(1000,
rbetabinom(n=10,prob=0.2,size=5,rho=0.9))) #concatenate the above with a
simulated 1000 beta binomial datasets

ab<-c() #defining a null object for the purpose of storage  
#Below I am running a for loop by treating each column of bdata as a
response(from 4th) to estimate the parameters
for(i in 4:100){
  fit = vglm(cbind(bdata[,i], N-bdata[,i]) ~ 1, betabinomial, bdata, trace =
} *

The code is running, but I am getting an error of below form
/Error in if (any(near0.5 <- (abs(theta - 0.5) < 0.000125))) temp2[near0.5]
= log(theta[near0.5]/(1 -  : 
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
Please help me on this error. 

Thanks in advance

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