[R] shift pie chart

Michael Eisenring michael.eisenring at gmx.ch
Fri Jul 27 12:15:17 CEST 2012

Dear R-help members,
I did the following pie chart:


pie(plants,labels =plant_labels,cex=0.7, col=colors)
legend(1,1,cex=0.7,pt.cex=25, c("Rubiaceae","Aspleniaceae","Compositae","Euphorbiaceae","Piperaceae","Acanthaceae","Dryopteridaceae","Cucurbitaceae","Rosaceae","Rutaceae","Urticaceae","Apocynaceae","Cyperaceae","Gramineae","Labiatae","Leguminosae","Menispermaceae","Rest (50 families)"),fill=colors)

As you can see the legend is not displayed proberly. 

1)How can I move the pie chart as well as the legend together to the left? I tried to work with "mar" and "omar", without any success.
2) How can I increase the legend font size without increasing the size of the "legend points"? I tried to do this with "cex" and "pt.cex2

Thank you very much
all the best

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