[R] Bug in my code (finding nonzero min)

wwreith reith_william at bah.com
Mon Jul 23 06:34:49 CEST 2012

Can someone verify for me if the for loop below is really calculating the
nonzero min for each row of a matrix? I have a bug somewhere in the is
section of code. My first guess is how I am find the the nonzero min of each
row of my matrix. The overall idea is to make sure I am investing all of my
money, i.e. new.set is a set of indicator variables for each stock for a
particular portfolio, i.e. 0=did not buy, 1=bought. y are the stocks I could
still buy, assuming I have the money, data3[,5] are their cost, so for each
portfolio, i.e. the rows of new.set I have the option to purchase another
stock at a cost listed in the rows of variable remain. Obvisouly the
cheapest stock needs to have a cost>0 in order for me to be allowed to buy
it. My code is intended to weed out portfolios where I could have bought
another stock, by taking budget-portfolio cost - (cheapest available stock)
and subsetting new.set when this is negative, i.e. buying the cheapest
available stock puts me over budget. My problem is that my code is still
allowing examples like the following budget of 10, portfolio cost 6,
cheapest availabe stock 3 despite the diff variable being negative.

Any ideas?


for(q in 1:nrow(remain))

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