[R] cor() on sets of vectors

Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Thu Feb 23 23:10:53 CET 2012

suppose I have two sets of vectors: x1,x2,...,xN and y1,y2,...,yN.
I want N correlations: cor(x1,y1), cor(x2,y2), ..., cor(xN,yN).
my sets of vectors are arranged as data frames x & y (vector=column):

 x <- data.frame(a=rnorm(10),b=rnorm(10),c=rnorm(10))
 y <- data.frame(d=rnorm(10),e=rnorm(10),f=rnorm(10))

cor(x,y) returns a _matrix_ of all pairwise correlations:

          d          e            f
a 0.2763696 -0.3523757 -0.373518870
b 0.5892742 -0.1969161 -0.007159589
c 0.3094301  0.1111997 -0.094970748

which is _not_ what I want.

I want diag(cor(x,y)) but without the N^2 calculations.


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