[R] > 14 points for lines(y~x)

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Sun Feb 19 10:33:08 CET 2012

dardisco wrote:

 > Problem: lines plots 1st 14x points then stops.
 > boxplot(y1~lx)
 > lines(y1~lx)
 > Note tilda appearing as -(minus) on this thread.
 > Variables: y1, lx; both=continuous
 > Goal: display boxplots for y1 for each value of lx, then join with ine
 > (Loess are nice, any will do). > >
 > Have tried with other versions f lines, but seems to be a core
 > problem. No
 > biggie, just I would like to know the limits of the function and to
 > skip
 > points if necessary eg 28x (x,y) points so plot (1,1), (3,3), (5,5)
 > etc.
 > As it is, my lines come way off the page after 14 (x,y) points for
 > functions
 > which appear otherwise broadly linear.

Hi dardisco,
boxplot and lines are probably doing different things with your formula. 
I think what you want is to get the medians from the return values of 
the boxplot call and plot lines from those values.


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