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Kurt_Helf at nps.gov Kurt_Helf at nps.gov
Mon Feb 13 21:30:24 CET 2012

     I am attempting to plot observations of a cave aquatic invertebrate
dating from 1901-2004.  I can come up with a nice lattice plot of the eight
sites from which I have data easily enough.  However, I'd like to be able
to highlight the 0 observations on the plots, i.e., attempts to find it at
the site were unsuccessful.  I'd like to be able to highlight these
observations with either a symbol or a color.  Here's a sample of the data
 (Embedded image moved to file: pic17437.jpg)

Here's my code for the plot:
xyplot(No.Invert~Year|Reach, data=Invert.Coll.1901.2004,
       ylab="No. Invert 'collected'",

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