[R] replace elements of a data frame

Arnaud Gaboury arnaud.gaboury at a2ct2.com
Tue Feb 7 20:29:28 CET 2012

I used in fact recode() from epilcac package, not the one you mentioned!

Arnaud Gaboury
A2CT2 Ltd.

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I did indeed have a look at recode(), and was able to replace, but an error warning :

> recode(names,"BO","BOO",df)
Warning message:
In recode.default(names, "BO", "BOO", df) :
  Name(s) of vars duplicates with an object outside the dataFrame.

> df
  names price
1   BOO    10
2     C    25
3    CL    20

As you can see, "BO" has been replaced by "BOO", but with a warning!

Arnaud Gaboury
A2CT2 Ltd.

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Hi Arnaud,

Take a look at 



On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 1:05 PM, Arnaud Gaboury <> wrote:

I am getting mad at finding a simple way to replace elements of a df.

Here is a short df :

> names<-c("BO","C","CL")
> price<-c("10","25","20")
> df<-data.frame(names,price)

I want to replace "BO" by "BOB", "C" by "CR", "CL" by "CLO", and the list is more long.
I can do that for each element:


But my df is bigger indeed with other elements.

I was thinking using replace(), but can't get any clean result ( NA or all elements replaced with only one), neither with sapply().

TY for any help, and sorry for the n00b question.

Arnaud Gaboury
A2CT2 Ltd.

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