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On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 12:25 PM, ql16717 <ql16717 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I never acutally made a package before. I have a folder, say called
> "john" that has everything it needs to be in a R package. Some
> instruction says I need Rtools from R mirror site. I installed the
> Rtools, but under DOS, the command "Rcmd" is still not recognized.
> Any suggestions? Thanks
> John

Run this R command to find out where Rcmd.exe is on your system:

 list.files("Rcmd.exe", path = R.home(), recursive = TRUE, full = TRUE)

and if its in \x\y\z\Rcmd.exe then:

1. this will run Rcmd.exe

"\x\y\z\Rcmd.exe" ...whatever...

2. or put \x\y\z on your windows path

The above two methods have two deficiencies:  The first one requires
that you enter the path every time you run Rcmd and the second one
requires that you modify your system's path.  Also both procedures
change every time you install a new version of R since the location of
R will normally change.

The following overcomes these disadvantages:

3. or put Rcmd.bat from http://batchfiles.googlecode.com anywhere on
your path (i.e. enter this command
into the Windows console and put Rcmd.bat in any of the folders listed)
and then start a new Windows command shell and issue:
Rcmd ...whatever...
That will run Rcmd.bat which will find your R installation from the
registry and then it run Rcmd.exe. If you install a new version of R
then it will automatically pick up the new version of R from the
registry so there will be nothing to change.  Rcmd.bat is a single
self contained windows batch file.

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