[R] ANOVA repeated measures and post-hoc

Helios de Rosario helios.derosario at ibv.upv.es
Mon Dec 31 00:37:53 CET 2012

A (late) update to this question:

On Fri Aug 17 07:33:29, Henrik Singmann wrote:
> Hi Diego,
> I am struggeling with this question also for some time and there does

> not seem to be an easy and general solution to this problem. At least
> haven't found one.
> However, if you have just one repeated-measures factor, use the
> describe by me here: http://stats.stackexchange.com/a/15532/442 
> Furthermore, you might wanna check the package phia with accompanying

> vignette (but it uses multivariate tests).

There is a new version of "phia" that also works with mixed-effects
models - but notice the caveat about the calculation of p-values for
such models, as explained in the vignette.

For more issues about mixed-effects models in R, there is a specifice

> For running the ANOVA you could also check my new package afex.
> Cheers,
> Henrik
>> Diego Bucci schrieb:
>> Hi,
>>  I performed an ANOVA repeated measures but I still can't find any
good news regarding the possibility to perform multiple comparisons.
>>  Can anyone help me?
>>  Thanks

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