[R] Way OT: Anyone know where to get data on relationship between education and salary

Mark Dalphin mark.dalphin at peblnz.com
Tue Apr 19 06:44:08 CEST 2011

Hi Paul,

I don't have a good answer to your request, but you might find something 
looking around the US Department of Labor's site: "Overview of BLS Wage 
Data by Area and Occupation" (BLS = Bureau of Labor Statistics).


A quick glance doesn't show me "education" associated with these data, 
but I am not looking hard. Most of the rest of the information you want 
appears to be present.

Mark Dalphin

Paul wrote:
> I'm sorry for the way OT post, but here goes.  I'm an informatics 
> specialist, and R user.  My wife is a secondary school maths teacher.
> My wife recently tried to explain to her class the link between 
> education and potential salary, and I would love to be able to show 
> this graphically, however, I cannot find any freely available data for 
> this.  Does anyone know of a suitable dataset, or where I might find 
> one ?Ideally salary, maximum education level, age, sex, industry and 
> some form of geographic location would be amazing.  Alternatively, are 
> you aware of any public organisations that would have this information 
> and might divulge it under the freedom of information act ?
> Thanks in advance
> Paul.

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