[R] font and size times New Roman

Peter Alspach Peter.Alspach at plantandfood.co.nz
Wed Apr 13 07:09:48 CEST 2011

Tena koe Fabiane


In particular, various cex. parameters.  These can be used with plot (e.g., plot(x, y, cex.axis=1.2))

HTH ....

Peter Alspach

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> Hello
> I wonder how to change the font of
> chart to Times New Roman and size 9.
> plot(c(0,100,20),c(0,600,50), xlab= 'Idade(meses)', ylab="Peso(kg)",
> type = "n", axes=F)
> axis(1, pos=0, at=seq(0,100,20))
> axis(2, pos=0,  at=seq(0,600,100))
> t<- seq(0,100,1)
> TA=543.56*(1-0.8976*exp(-0.0522*t))
> NI=498.97*(1-0.9259*exp(-0.0494*t))
> RC=514.57*(1-0.9112*exp(-0.0499*t))
> TS=553.47*(1-0.9119*exp(-0.0535*t))
> lines(t, TA, col='black',lty=1, lwd=4)
> lines(t, NI, col="black", lty=2, lwd=4)
> lines(t, RC, col='black',lty=3, lwd=4)
> lines(t, TS, col='black',lty=4, lwd=4)
> legend(40,200, legend = c("A=553,47 kg k=0,0535","A=543,56 kg
> k=0,0522","A=514,57 kg k=0,0499","A=498,97 kg k=0,0494"),
> col=c("black"), cex=0.8, lwd=4, lty=c(4,1,3,2))
> Attached is the graphic I need to make these changes
> Thanks

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