[R] About Tinn-R

Marcos Prunello marcospru at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Apr 10 23:13:56 CEST 2011

Hi everybody!!

I don`t know if it is correct to make a question about R and Tinn-R in this mailing-list, but I need some help with a problem for which I don't find a solution anywhere.

I have Tinn-R in my notebook and I always used it with no problems, until a few days ago when this signs appears everytime I start the programme:

"Key Violation.
C:/Documents and Settings/Marcos/Datos de programa/Tinn-R
Serious problem reading ini files!
Tinn-R can not be initiated.
Please, try to rename (or remove) the folder above and restart the program!"

I don't know what that means, I don`t have such folder in my notebook, and I always used it normally and suddenly it doesn't work anymore.

I unistalled it and installed again several times, and I tried with the newest version of R and TinnR too. I can`t find help in internet, and I also cleaned the registry of the computer.

Thanks in advance!!

Marcos from Argentina


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