[R] Adding margin text to lattice graphics

Dennis Fisher fisher at plessthan.com
Sun Apr 10 03:33:42 CEST 2011


I am learning lattice graphics (R 2.12.2; OS X).  Several days ago, I inquired about adding margin text to lattice graphics.  Jim Price offered a useful reply, suggesting that I add:
	page = function(page) grid.text('words', x = 0.5, y = 0.01)
to my call to the function.  The entire function that he suggested was;
	xyplot(1 ~ 1,
     	 par.settings = list(layout.heights = list(bottom.padding = 10)),
     	 page = function(page) grid.text('words', x = 0.5, y = 0.01))
That worked initially and I also had success with panel.text.

However, I am now working with more complicated objects in which more than one image is displayed on a page.  In this instance, the text added by the command above appears with each image.  I would like it to appear only once, scaled across the entire page, not relative to a single panel.

Is there a different command that accomplishes my goal?  Or a different implementation of this same command?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also, because of my naivete with lattice graphics, I may be asking the question in entirely the wrong way -- please feel free to redirect me.


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