[R] simple save question

xueke at pdx.edu xueke at pdx.edu
Tue Apr 5 21:56:35 CEST 2011


When I run the survfit function, I want to get the restricted mean  
value and the standard error also. I found out using the "print"  
function to do so, as shown below,

Call: survfit(formula = Surv(diff, status) ~ 1, type = "kaplan-meier")

    records      n.max    n.start     events     *rmean *se(rmean)     median
    200.000    200.000    200.000    129.000      0.145      0.237      1.158
    0.95LCL    0.95UCL
      0.450      1.730
     * restricted mean with upper limit =  2.97

The questions is, is there any way to extract these values from the  
print command?

Thanks a lot.


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