[R] Introductory statistics and introduction to R

Marsh Feldman MarshFeldman at Cox.Net
Tue Jul 27 16:46:06 CEST 2010


I have a bright, diligent second-year graduate student who wants to 
learn statistics and R and will, in effect, be taking a tutorial from me 
on these subjects. (If you've seen some of my questions on this list, 
please don't laugh.) As an undergrad he majored in philosophy, so this 
will be his first foray into computer programming and statistics.

I'm thinking of having him use "Introductory Statistics with R" by Peter 
Dalgaard, but I'm unable to tell if the book requires calculus. I don't 
think this student knows calculus, so this would be a deal breaker. Can 
someone tell me if my student can get through this book starting out 
with just knowledge of algebra?

Also, do you have other suggestions for texts, manuals, web sites, etc. 
that would introduce statistics and R simultaneously?


     Marsh Feldman

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