[R] Multilevel survival model

Christopher David Desjardins desja004 at umn.edu
Thu Jul 22 16:23:29 CEST 2010

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I am wondering how I can run a multilevel survival model in R? Below is
some of my data.

> head(bi0.test)
  childid famid lifedxm     sex      age delta
1   22.02    22 CONTROL   MALES 21.36893     0
2   13.02    13   MAJOR   MALES 21.18001     0
3   64.02    64 CONTROL   MALES 20.09377     0
4    5.02     5 CONTROL FEMALES 19.94524     0
5  183.02   183 BIPOLAR FEMALES 19.87406     0
6   37.02    37 BIPOLAR   MALES 19.83847     0

Where age is my time variable and delta is development of thought
problems (0 = No; 1 = Yes). My covariate of principle interest is
mother's diagnosis (control, major depression, and bipolar) and I am
principle interested in examining how the survival (not developing
thought problems) differs by this covariate. However, I have siblings in
my data set (famid) and I would like to account for this shared
variability. How might I do this in R? Can I do it with the survival
library? If possible, I'd also like to control for sex.


Christopher David Desjardins
PhD student, Quantitative Methods in Education
MS student, Statistics
University of Minnesota
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