[R] divide grid.newpage into two?

Eleni Rapsomaniki er339 at medschl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 19 11:17:50 CEST 2010

Is there some easy way to split the grid.newpage() into two columns? For example, how could I put the two forest plots below (meta1 and meta2) next to each other?


meta1 <- metabin(event.e, n.e, event.c, n.c,data=Olkin95, subset=c(41,47,51,59),sm="RR", meth="I",studlab=author)
meta2$studlab=rep("",length(meta1$studlab) ) #deleting the labels for the second plot

forest(meta1, comb.fixed=F, comb.random=F, rightcols="effect",leftcols="studlab")
forest(meta2, comb.fixed=F, comb.random=TRUE, leftcols="studlab",leftlabs="")

#they are superimposed... which is not what I want.

Any hints/ideas much appreciated!

Many thanks

Eleni Rapsomaniki
Research Associate
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
University of Cambridge

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