[R] cca in vegan (formula instead of community matrix data)

Bill.Venables at csiro.au Bill.Venables at csiro.au
Sat Jul 17 06:58:45 CEST 2010

As it says, (at least) one of your rows is all zeros.  CCA cannot handle such sites.

You might want to try something like this:

m.cca  <-
 cca(WinterM_ratio ~ topo_mean + coast + prec_max + 
 temp_min + evi_min,  data = datam, 
 subset = rowSums(WinterM_ratio) > 0) ### Note.

(Note that you do not need to put a "datam$" in front of the terms in
your formula.)

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Dear List,

I tried to do cca based on species data and environmental variables (formula
instead of community data).
However, there was an error saying row sums must be >0.
I searched the previous related messages but found few solutions.
Please kindly help and thank you in advance.

This is vegan 1.17-3
Warning message:
package 'vegan' was built under R version 2.10.1


datam <-read.csv("c:/migration/M_R_20100707_winterM.csv",header=T,

m.cca  <-
+datam$temp_min+datam$evi_min,  datam)

error in  cca.default(d$X, d$Y, d$Z) :
  All row sums must be >0 in the community data matrix

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