[R] Sweave: infelicities with lattice graphics

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Thu Jul 15 23:59:09 CEST 2010

Dear David,

you can use Gin:


just before the chunk that actually produces the figure.

and, cool, I hadn't realized, that

<<fig = TRUE, echo = FALSE>>=
print (


with {} inside the print there can be even more than one statement in 
the chunk-with-lattice-function.
However, that's not a good idea. There may be surprises due to the 
question how often the chunk-with-lattice-function is actually executed.


> I have wondered about this too.  The approach I use isn't pretty but does
> have a couple of advantages - there is only one set of code to run and I
> have control over the figure size.
> The first part of the code below is what is shown in the document (but not
> run), and the second part actually runs the code and makes the plot.
> <<no2hist, eval=FALSE>>=
> hist(mydata$no2)
> <<no2hist1, echo = FALSE, results=hide>>=
> pdf("no2hist.pdf")
> <<no2hist>>
> dev.off()
> @
> \begin{figure}
>      \centering
>      \includegraphics[width=0.5\textwidth]{no2hist}
>      \caption{The caption.}
>         \label{fig:hist}
> \end{figure}
> I'd be interested to know if there are neater ways of doing this.
> Regards,
> David

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