[R] Cannot Build R From Source - Windows XP

Steve Pederson stephen.pederson at adelaide.edu.au
Wed Jul 14 18:01:40 CEST 2010


I can't seem to install R from source. I've downloaded the latest 
Rtools211.exe from http://www.murdoch-sutherland.com/Rtools/ & done a 
full installation of that and Inno Setup.

I have set R_HOME as C:\R (and also tried using C:\R\R-2.11.1)

After successfully running 'tar xf R-2.11.1.tar.gz' the modifications I 
have made and saved as MkRules.local are:
BUILD_HTML = YES & ISDIR=C:/Program Files/Inno Setup 5

I've then run 'make all recommended' from R_HOME\src\gnuwin32 and it 
runs nicely for ages, until I get the following message:

building package 'base'
cannot create /tmp/R612: directory nonexistent
mv: cannot stat '/tmp/R612': No such file or directory
make[3]: ***[mkR] Error 1
make[2]: ***[all] Error 2
make[1]: ***[R] Error 1
make: ***[all] Error 2

Sometimes the number changes to /tmp/R5776, or something similar but I 
don't think that's the issue.

My current setting for PATH are:
c:\Rtools\bin;c:\Rtools\perl\bin;c:\Rtools\MinGW\bin;C:\Program Files\PC 
Connectivity Solution\;C:\Program Files\Common 
Files\Common Files\DivX Shared\;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\

FWIW, It's a 4yo Dell laptop & I've come across a few quirks with 
installing software over the years. I had also previously installed 
2.11.1 from the windows executable, but this was uninstalled using the 
uninstall function that comes with it. I'm trying to rebuild to begin 
incorporating some calls to C I'm working on.

Thanks in advance,


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