[R] modifying vector elements

Bill.Venables at csiro.au Bill.Venables at csiro.au
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Here is one way

a_clip <-  sub("^([0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+).*$", "\\1", a) 

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Hello R-users,


I have a very large vector (a) containing elements consisting of numbers
and letters, this is the  i.e. 


[1] "1.11.2a"     "1.11.2d"     "1.11.2e"     "1.11.2f"     "1.11.2x1"

[7] "1.11.2x2"    "1.11.2x2a"   "1.11.2x2b"   "1.11.2x3"    "1.11.2x4"

[13] "1.11.2x5"    "1.11.3a"     "1.11.3b"     "1.11.3x1"    "1.11.3x1b"

[19] "1.11.3x1d"   "1.12.1x1"    "1.12.1x1b"   "1.12.1x2"    "1.12.1x3"

[25] "1.12.1x4"    "1.3.1x1"     "1.3.4x1"     "1.3.6a"      "1.3.6c"

[31] "1.3.6x1a"    "1.3.6x1b"    "1.3.6x1c"    "1.3.6x1d"    "1.3.6x1e"

[37] "1.3.7a"      "1.3.7b"      "1.3.7c"      "1.3.7d"      "1.5.4a"

[43] "1.5.4x1a"    "1.5.4x1b"    "1.5.4x2"     "1.5.4x3"     "1.5.4x6"

[49] "1.5.6a"      "1.5.6b"      "1.5.6x1"     "1.5.6x2"     "1.5.7a"

[55] "1.5.7x1"     "1.5.7x2"     "1.7.1b"      "1.7.1c"      "1.7.1e"

[61] "1.7.1g"      "1.7.1i"      "1.7.1j"      "1.7.1k"      "1.7.1x1"

[67] "1.7.1x3"     "1.7.1x4"     "1.7.1x5"     "1.7.2b"      "1.7.2x1"


How can I remove from each record everything that is after the number
after the second dot? E.g.:

1.11.2a becomes 1.11.2, 1.12.1x4 becomes 1.12.1, 1.9.1a becomes
1.9.1...and so forth. 






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