[R] how to draw the legend about color from 3d picture

Sebastien Guyader sebastien.guyader at antilles.inra.fr
Wed Jul 7 20:25:19 CEST 2010

It may not help the original poster, but here's a solution based on what Greg
said above:

# Load plotrix

# Create a new layout to divide the graphics in 2, the first one (displaying
the persp() graph) being 4 times larger than the second one (displying the


# Setup the color palette, here for exemple a 20-step heatmap from white
through yellow to red colors
grey.colors <- colorRampPalette( c("white", "yellow", "black") ) 
color <- grey.colors(20)

# Run the persp() command with right definition of facets and colors
zfacet <- z[-1,-1] + z[-1,-ncol(z)] + z[-nrow(z),-1] + z[-nrow(z),-ncol(z)]
persp(x, y, z, col=color[cut(zfacet, nbcol)], theta=...)

# Stetup and display the legend, 
col.labels <- c("0.0","0.2","0.4","0.6","0.8","1.0") # For z values between
0 and 1
plot(0:10,type="n",axes=FALSE,xlab="",ylab="") # Blank plot required for the
legend to be added to

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