[R] Probability of data values form DENSITY function

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Lina, check whether something like


contains the information you want. Otherwise, try to be (much) more specific in what you want so that we do not need to guess (and of course provide minimal, self-contained, reproducible code). That has a higher chance to trigger some responses than posting the same message again. And if you even explain what you want to do with these values, you might get even better responses.

HTH, Michael

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> Hello,
> Â
> Could someone help me please and to tell how to get the 
> probability from empirical DENSITY (not parametric) for each 
> data value (R function). 
> For example, for normal distribution there is such a function like: 
> Â
> “dnorm(q, mean = 0, sd = 1, lower.tail = TRUE, log.p = 
> FALSE)”  I need the same function only for the empirical 
DENSITY function (which does not correspond to any typical > distribution). 
> R plots the density function of any data: 
> Â
> “plot(density(x))”
> Â
> I need to find out the probability for each data value from 
> this plot-line. 
> Â
> Best regards,
> Lina
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