[R] grep or other complex string matching approach to capture necessary information...

John Kane jrkrideau at yahoo.ca
Sat Sep 26 17:40:28 CEST 2009


problems <- c( "Water damage",  "Water off", "water pipes damaged", "leaking water")

damaged <- subset(house_info, house_info[,1]==problems[1] 
                    | house_info[,1]==problems[2]
                      | house_info[,1]==problems[3] 
                       | house_info[,1]==problems[4])

or am I misunderstanding the question?

or perhaps %in% which probably does the job more elegantly but I forget the syntax at the moment.

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> Say I have the following data:
> house_number<-floor(runif(100, 200, 600))
> water_evaluation<-c("No water damage", "Water damage",
> "Water On", "Water off", "water pipes damaged", "leaking
> water")
> water_evaluation_selection<-floor(runif(100, 1,6))
> house_info<-data.frame(water_evaluation[water_evaluation_selection],
>        house_number) 
> And, that I only want to pull out the ones with negative
> water evaluations, i.e. Water damage, water pipes damaged,
> and leaking water. 
> Should/could I use grep in order to pull the house numbers
> out of house_info with those negative water
> evaluations?  
> I guess I want to know the house numbers from house_info
> where the water evaluation is negative.  Is there a way
> to use grep or another R function in order to acquire that
> information? 
> Thank you again in advance for any insights.
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