[R] Working around 256 byte variable names? + trouble opening large file

A Singh Aditi.Singh at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Sep 21 22:54:11 CEST 2009

Thanks a huge bunch John, David, Steve, Hadley and Erik!

I don't know how acceptable it is to mass thank everyone :), but seemed 
like a good idea as everyone was in on the thread and here's how it worked:

Unmatched quotes was probably correct.
When exporting from excel, it did warn me that there were things 
incompatible with .txt, which could cause problems with the file, and I 
think that is what happened with trying to read in the .txt version.

The csv versions didn't run for the broken down smaller files but when I 
tried it with "Everything.csv" (430 columns), it worked.

>names(vc) gave me:
 [1] "id"          "family"      "P1L55"       "P1L73"       "P1L74"
  [6] "P1L77"       "P1L91"       "P1L96"       "P1L98"       "P1L100" 

(...sep=",".. ) also worked, and I just finished running a loop over 430 
columns for an hierarchical model. Woooo...

I would like to find out why attach() is advised against,
and thanks again for a list of useful commands that I can explore in the 

Cheers! :)


A Singh
Aditi.Singh at bristol.ac.uk
School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol

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