[R] Problems with the commands FUNCTION and DERIV to build a polynomial

Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 17 15:55:12 CEST 2009

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, [ISO-8859-1] Noela Sánchez wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need to automate a process in order to prepare a  a big loop in the future
> but I have a problem with the *command function*
> First I fit a model with lm
> model1<-lm(data2[,2]~data2[,1]+I(data2[,1]^2)+I(data2[,1]^3)+I(data2[,1]^4))
> I extract the coefficients to build the polynomial.
> coef<-as.matrix(model1$coefficients)
> In the next step I need to define the polynomial to derive it. If I write
> the coefficients manually (writing the numbers by hand) the deriv command
> works fine!
> bb<-deriv(~2847.22015 -463.06063*x+ 25.43829*x^2 -0.17896*x^3, namevec="x",
> function.arg=40)
> I would like to automate this step by being able to extract the coefficients
> from the linear model and adding them into the polynomial (and not write
> them by hand)!
> But if I build the polynomial with the function(x) command calling the *
> coef* values, the numeric values are not interpreted, the command function
> does not read properly the coefficients from the linear model.
>>  fun<-function(x) coef[1]+coef[2]*x+coef[3]*x^2+coef[4]*x^3
>> fun
> function(x) coef[1]+coef[2]*x+coef[3]*x^2+coef[4]*x^3
> How can i avoid to write the values of the coefficients by hand??

As is often the case there are two parts to this answer: how to do what you asked, and how to do what you want.

You can use bquote() to get the value of coef[1] into the expression, so
will give the derivative.  Bill Venables would tell you to use Horner's Rule and write the polynomial as
to get better speed and numerical stability, but the same trick still works.

However, you really don't need deriv() to differentiate a polynomial, and so you can use ordinary lexical scope rather than substitution, for a much tidier answer

derivative <- function(coef){
     function(x) coef[2]+x*(2*coef[3]+x*3*coef[4])


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