[R] [R-pkgs] new package MLCM: Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement

Ken Knoblauch ken.knoblauch at inserm.fr
Wed Sep 9 10:26:29 CEST 2009

This is to announce a new package MLCM on CRAN.
The package provides functions for estimating perceptual scales
by maximum likelihood from data collected in a conjoint measurement
experiment. Data for conjoint measurement are typically collected
using a psychophysical procedure. The stimuli vary along 2 or more
dimensions.  The observer views pairs of stimuli and judges which
stimulus of each pair is higher on a specified dimension.
For example, stimuli may be goods baskets containing amounts of
milk and honey (dimensions) and the subject may order each pair
of baskets by subjective desirability.  This package contains
tools to estimate the additive contribution of the n scales
to the judgment by a maximum likelihood method under several
hypotheses of how the perceptual dimensions interact.

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