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Hi Yan,

Before I try to answer your question: please send R questions to the r- 
help mailing list (cc'd here). You will likely get your answer more  
quickly (since I'm not the only one looking at it) and it might help  
other people who get stuck on a similar situation by finding the  
answer on a public forum (just like you did).

On Sep 8, 2009, at 5:44 AM, Yan Hui wrote:

> Dear Steve
> I have the same problem that I cannot load my own data sets. Feel  
> lucky I find solutions provided by you on the internet,  but based  
> on your two options, I still cannot load my own data.  Could you  
> please check my procedure to see which step is wrong:
> 1)  I use package called "ismev"
> 2)  I add rain1.rda into   C:\Program Files\R\R-2.9.1\library\ismev 
> \data ,  which data is a zip folder
> 3) Load "ismev" package into R GUI
> 4) >  data(rain1)
> 5) > Warning message:
> In data(rain1) : data set 'rain1' not found
> OR:
> 4) >  load (rain1, package="ismev")

> 5) > Error in load(rain1, package = "ismev") :
>   unused argument(s) (package = "ismev")d

See ?load and ?data -- notice that it's not the "load" function that  
takes the `package` parameter, but rather the "data" function.

But, here's a better tip:


Why do you want to do this to begin with? I can't imagine any  
compelling reason to do so unless you are the author of the package.  
If you do have a reason to put it there, let me know because I find  
this urge to do so a bit puzzling.

Anyway, just save your rain1.rda file in some directory that's related  
to your project, and load it from there.

So, if your data is in "C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\RainRainGoAway 
\rain1.rda", then load it from there in R:

R> load("C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\ RainRainGoAway\rain1.rda")

That should do the trick ... let us know if you need more help.


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