[R] Size of plots in pdf files#can it be smaller?

Christian Ritter christian.ritter at uclouvain.be
Mon Sep 7 13:43:29 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I have to produce arrangements of 25 simple plots of the type 
plot(x,y,pch=".") where there are typically on the order of 20000 points.
So, overall, I have about 500000 points. When I use the pdf device, I 
get file sizes (on a Windows machine) of about 10 MB.
When I then zip the files, I'm down to about 0.5MB, so the original pdf 
files were created with a lot of 'air'.
I'm wondering why the pdf files are so large and whether there is an 
alternative to produce them smaller. Any ideas?

Have a nice afternoon,


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