[R] List of tags in roxygen and use for S4 classes?

Bernd Bischl bernd_bischl at gmx.net
Fri Sep 4 16:47:13 CEST 2009

Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Hi
> is there a list of all roxygen tags which are available? I couldn't find them.
> I am asking specifically towards the use of roxygen in documenting S4
> classes - is that implemented yet (i am using roxygen 0.1 from CRAN at
> the moment)?
> Thanks
> Rainer
I am using it do document a now rather large S4 package - with the new 
development version on rforge (its 0.1-1).

It basically works, _but_ :
- It took me quite some time to write everything "the way roxygen wants it"
- Error messages are often not very informative.
- Many (legal) ways to specify S4 classes / signatures will produce 
errors, you need to be very "verbose".
- Even disregarding there are still some clear bugs left IMHO.

I would also wish for a better (online) documentation, as I think the 
general idea of roxygen is great.

So it's worth a try but expect some obstacles. There's also a roxygen 
devel list, where you could go with questions.
I got some S4 examples from one of the recent roxygen talks, If you want 
them I could forward those.


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