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Corrado ct529 at york.ac.uk
Tue Sep 1 10:47:36 CEST 2009

Thanks Duncan, Spencer,

To clarify, the situation is:

1) I have no reasons to choose S3 on S4 or vice versa, or any other coding 
2) Our group has not done any OO developing in R and I would be the first, so I 
can set up the standards
3) I am starting from scratch with a new package, so I do not have any code I 
need to re-use.
4) I am an R OO newbie, so whatever I can learn from the beginning what is 
better and good for me.

So the questions would be two:

1) What coding style guide should we / I follow? Is the google style guide 
good, or is there something better / more prescriptive which makes our 
research group life easier? 
2) What class type should I use? From what you two say, I should use S3 
because is easier to use .... what are the disadvantages? Is there an 
advantages / disadvantages table for S3 and S4 classes?

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