[R] Column naming issues using read.table

arthurbeer01 arthur_beer at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 24 02:31:40 CET 2009

Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle.
I quite new to R and using it for my biology degree.

My problem is. Im trying to import data from a .csv file using the
read.table command. The .csv file header starts on row 2 but is contained in
column 1, i have 600 data files and for future ease would rather not edit
each file seperatly. The data starts on row three and I only need the first
381 data points.

The R error message using the code iv got so far is

Error in read.table(file("s1-2c83.csv"), header = FALSE, sep = ",", quote =
"",  : 
  more columns than column names

The code I have so far is

framename<-read.table(file ("s1-2c83.csv"),
header = FALSE, # FLASE indicates headers are not included in input file
sep = ",",    # must have "," otherwise errors in table
quote = "",
dec = ".",
row.names = 1, # must = 1 or extra column of row numbering is entered
col.names = ("Nr2sec,Cnt1X,Cnt1Y,Cnt2X,Cnt2Y,sec100,hour"),
as.is = FALSE,
na.strings = "NA",
colClasses = NULL,
nrows = 381, # rows to stop data.table recording (not input file row
skip = 2,    # number of rows to skp before reading data from input file
strip.white = FALSE,
comment.char = "")

write.csv(framename, file = "s1-2c83-ok.csv")

If I delete the line col.names, Iv manged to get the data read and saved to
a new .csv file but cannot work out how to get the column headers renamed.
The read.table (framename) displays the headers as v1,v2,v3 etc, this is
what i cant change. Also it has the first column without a header (i think
its the row number) which I dont want in the output file

The read data file example s1-2c83.csv

1:Samplerate = 2 samps/sec						
2:      Nr   Cnt1X   Cnt1Y   Cnt2X   Cnt2Y  sec100  hour						
3: 1	53	84	43	2	22	12
4: 2	90	155	74	0	72	12
5: 3	90	155	74	0	121	12

Any help will be greatly appreciated after the 5hrs Iv spent already on this

Many thanks in advance


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