[R] loading data into ZOO

Brian G. Peterson brian at braverock.com
Wed Dec 23 21:28:04 CET 2009

Stephen J. Barr wrote:
> I have a simple question. I am trying to load data into a zoo object. I have
> the data in CSV format as follows
> SYMBOL DATE             TIME              PRICE
> XX            YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS      n.nn
> and there are multiple symbols in this one data frame.
> My question is, do I need to merge DATE and TIME before loading them or can
> I specify multiple index.column or index.name fields?

index.column in read.zoo is a single column only

you can either merge in your CVS format, simplifying things in R, or use 
read.table to get the data into R and then merge your index columns when you 
call as.zoo.


     - Brian

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