[R] Cohen's kappa, unequal score ranges

Julia Myatt JPM601 at bham.ac.uk
Tue Dec 22 15:58:23 CET 2009


I am having problems getting cohen's kappa to work. I have been using the function:


from the psy package.

I am trying to test for inter-observer reliability, I have 2 observers and 26 categories, however, the two observers might not necessarily have the same range of categories (I have unequal score ranges). However, I thought R could cope with this.

Each time I try the function above I get the following output:

>Error in ckappa(ob1, ob2) : unused argument(s) (ob2)

I got this even when I altered the data to have equal score ranges, therefore I am not sure what this means or what I should do!!

Any help in this area would be much appreciated, or anything about the best way to deal with inter-observer reliability (my data is all categorical),



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