[R] How to analyse a scale from 0 to 5

Leah Williams bs08ljw at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Dec 10 13:54:35 CET 2009


This may seem like a simple question but I am struggling to answer it.  
I wish to discover if there is statistical significance between three  
different habitats. I have used a variety of measurements which can be  
analysed easily, i.e. GLM for height, distance and circumference of  
trees, GLZ with poisson error distribution for number of saplings.  
However I am struggling how to analyse canopy cover which was measured  
on a scale from 0 to 5 (0 equalling no canopy, and 5 equalling total  
canopy cover). I have run a GLZ with a quasipoisson error  
distribution, I am unsure if this is correct as it is not technically  
count data. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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