[R] Announcing a new R news site: R-bloggers.com

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Dec 6 16:41:24 CET 2009


For completeness:

On 5 December 2009 at 22:32, Tal Galili wrote:
| 1) Planet R is limited (for years) to 26 feeds only, and I don't remember
| seeing it evolve to include (or allow inclusion) of new R blogs that came
| around.

That was already addressed by Romain. It would appear that you didn't really
try too hard to find out how to add content there.

| 2) The feeds are of blogs and non blogs (such as wiki or cran updates). That

A good thing in my book as the _aggregator_ that PlanetR is frees me from
having to follow a number of other feeds. And e.g. I would have gotten some
of the literature update feeds etc.

| 3) In PlanetR, one can only view (about) 5 days back and no more (R-bloggers
| allows viewing of much more then 5 days back).

Non-issue when you use a reader like Google Reader which keeps history.

| 4) R-bloggers allows searching inside the content, PlanetR doesn't.

Non-issue when you use a reader like Google Reader which gives you Google
search for your feeds, all your read posts, just particular feeds, ...

| 5) R-bloggers allow one to get e-mail updates, PlanetR doesn't.

Good heavens, as if I needed more email. Procmail currently filters into
sixty some buckets already ...

| 6) R-bloggers offers "related articles", PlanetR doesn't.

I am not sure what 'related articles' would be and why I'd care. Let's
scratch that one.

All that said, more choice is always better, and I am sure we all benefit
from your little endeavour.  Your motivational 'elevator pitch', however, may
seem to need a bit more work.  Good luck.


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