[R] version 1.5-1 of Rcmdr package released

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Sun Aug 30 16:38:38 CEST 2009

Dear R users,

There is a new version (1.5-1) of the Rcmdr package. Here, from the CHANGES
files, are changes since the last minor version (1.4-0) was released a year


Version 1.4-1

   o  The following updated translations have been added: Catalan (thanks to
Manel Salamero), French (thanks to Philippe Grojean), Japanese (thanks to
Takaharu Araki), Romanian (thanks to Adrian Dusa), and Slovenian (thanks to
Version 1.4-2

   o  For cases where translated help files of the form Commander-xx.Rd
won't compile (where "xx" is the language code), translators can now provide
a PDF file named Commander-xx.pdf to be substituted when users select Menu
-> Commander help. (Thanks to Alexey Shipunov for helping me with this
   o  Dialogs that reset the active data set no longer do so if an error
occurs; previously, resetting the active data set caused error messages to
scroll off out of sight in the Messages window (problem reported by Peter
   o  Improved error checking and protection in distributions dialogs.
Version 1.4-3

   o  Fixed a bug in the scroll-bar for the RHS of model formulas (reported
by Ulrich Halekoh).
   o  Fixed problem with some legends in plotMeans() (reported by Rich
   o  Updated Spanish translation (courtesy Rcmdr Spanish translation team).
Version 1.4-4
   o  Small changes to Hist() to make it more flexible (suggested by Gilles
Version 1.4-5

   o  Change to Message(), which posts messages to the Message window, to
prevent the window from freezing in (some) Windows systems under R 2.8.0
(problem reported by Rich Heiberger).
   o  Updated Indonesian translation (thanks to I. Made Tirta).
Version 1.4-6

   o  Added polr and multinom models to effect-plots, consistent with latest
version of effects package.
   o  ttkentry() redefined to trim leading and trailing blanks (to avoid
potential problems when user introduces a leading or trailing blank in a
text field, as reported by Rich Heiberger).
   o  An attempt is made to break commands at blanks and commas to fit them
in the script and output windows.
   o  Improvements to the one-way and multi-way ANOVA dialogs, including
saving the models that are produced (suggested by Rich Heiberger).
   o  Improvements and bug fixes to handling of plug-in menu installation.
   o  New function MacOSXP() to test for Mac OS X; used to suppress "Data ->
New data set" menu, since the Mac data editor causes R to hang when called
with an empty data frame (reported by Rob Goedman and Tracy Lightcap).
   o  When character values are entered in the data editor after "Data ->
New data set", the corresponding variable is converted to a factor.
   o  When console.output is TRUE, messages as well as output now go to the
R Console and the Commander Messages window (as well as the Output window)
is suppressed (with code contributed by Richard Heiberger).
   o  Small changes.
Version 1.4-7
   o  Improved Brazilian Portuguese translation, contributed by Adriano
Azevedo-Filho and Marilia Sa Carvalho.
   o  Added function sortVarNames(), which sorts variable names including
numerals into a more "natural" order than does sort(); used in variable
lists when the Rcmdr option "sort.names" is TRUE, which is the default.
   o  Small changes.
Version 1.4-8

   o  Export data set now allows an arbitrary field separator (suggested by
Marilia Sa Carvalho).
   o  Menus can now use translation files supplied by plug-ins.
   o  Path names with apostrophes should no longer produce an "unbalanced
parentheses" error.
   o  Added files for Debian Linux (from Pietro Battiston and Dirk
   o  Small changes.
Version 1.4-9

   o  Upated Russian translation (courtesy of Alexey Shipunov).
   o  Fixed bug in BreuschPaganTest() that prevented dialog from functioning
(reported by Michel Pouchain).
Version 1.4-10

   o  Corrected problem in paste in Command window in non-Windows systems
(reported by Liviu Andronic).
   o  Fixed handling of X11 warnings which was disrupted by showData(), and
added check for "Warning in structure" (problems reported by Liviu
   o  Prefixes used when output is directed to the R console are no longer
hard-coded, but can be set by the "prefixes" Rcmdr option (to satisfy a
request by Liviu Andronic).

Version 1.4-11

   o  Correction to .mo file for Brazilian Portuguese translation (supplied
by Adriano Azevedo-Filho following report by Donald Pianto).
   o  Added summary() output to principal components (suggested by Liviu
Version 1.5-0

   o  Added model-selection dialogs, stepwise and subset (several requests).
   o  Modifications to model-definition dialogs (suggested by Ulrike
Gromping): If you select several variables in the variable-list box,
clicking on the
+, *, or : button will enter them into the model formula.
   o  The compare-models and Anova-table code for GLMs now uses F-tests when
the dispersion parameter is estimated (after a suggstion by Ulrich Halekoh).
   o  Added optional pairwise p-values to correlations dialog (several
requests); new rcorr.adjust() function, adapted from code sent by Robert A.
   o  New Library() command for loading packages. Packages generally
attached in position 4, to avoid masking objects in Rcmdr and car.
   o  Messages in the Messages window are now numbered, according to the
Rcmdr number.messages option (suggested by Liviu Andronic).
   o  Added dialog box to merge rows and columns, along with mergeRows()
function (after a suggestion by Stephen Shamblen).
   o  Added aggregate dialog box to aggregate variables by factor(s) (after
a suggestion by Stephen Shamblen).
   o  Added variable.list.width option (suggested by Liviu Andronic).
   o  Under Windows, a check is made for the mdi and a warning message
printed, if it's detected (courtesy of code from Uwe Ligges).
   o  Updated Commander.Rd.
   o  Small changes.
Version 1.5-1

   o  Fixes to links in docs (pointed out by Brian Ripley).


New version in the 1.5-x series will be released as updated translations
become available and if bugs surface. Of course, bug reports and suggestions
are appreciated.


John Fox
Department of Sociology
Senator William McMaster Professor of Social Statistics
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
web: socserv.mcmaster.ca/jfox

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