[R] table, xyplot, names, & loops

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And of course I did not test this :).  Within the data.frame argument list, please change the <- operators to = signs.  Then it should work.


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"I'm just starting out in R and have a basic question about xyplot and
tables. Suppose I had a table of data with the following names: Height,
Age_group, City. I'd like to plot mean Height vs Age_group for each City"

You did not provide a sample data.frame, so I generated one.  This example is basically borrowed directly from Figure 4.3 in Sarkar's excellent book, "Lattice". Personally, I do feel that a plot such as the one below is a better display choice than a simple table of the means, but some may disagree. 

Please note that my random data do not contain effects for either age.group or city, so my guess is that your resulting plot will look cleaner (i.e., contain some visual signal.) 


## create sample data.frame
df <- data.frame(height <- rnorm(1000, 10),
                 age.group <- sample(gl(10,100,
                                        labels = paste("Age Group", 1:10))),
                 city <- sample(gl(4, 250, labels = paste("City", 1:4))))

## tabulate the data in matrix form
h.tab <- with(df, tapply(height,
                         list(age.group, city),

## use dotplot with the matrix object 
dotplot(h.tab, type = "o",
        auto.key = list(lines = TRUE, space = "right"),
        xlab = "height")


Erik Iverson 

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